FAM US Long Only Fund

The FAM US Long Only Fund is a traditional long only strategy offering a diversified portfolio across 60-70 predominantly U.S. stocks which are selected through a quantitative model coupled with an in-house fundamental research analytical framework. The portfolio is designed to provide direct exposure to a blend of investments typically balanced equally across growth, value and low volatility factors in order to avoid significant rotation risks. The portfolio consists of companies that can grow their cash flows over time and allocate earnings to value creating activities, with a focus on extracting outperformance over the long-term this portfolio has a low turnover.


Continuation and consolidation of years of investment work done within the Swiss market by our team


Focus on implementing the concept of the “low risk anomaly” with a layer of bottom-up fundamental research


Our macro view relies on classic indicators, and focuses greatly on the US yield curve, also balancing factors


Our superior economic risk management framework is our key performance differentiator

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