• Enhance risk return profile
• Optimize portfolio with mix of private market asset classes

Thematic Approach

• Longevity
• Digitalization
• Urbanization

Fund Selection

Diversification of opportunities with best-in-class private market managers


Global exposure through different private market strategies and sectors

Endowment Model is Built Across these Five Elements


We are happy to discuss your needs and look together for innovative solutions, leveraging technology and leading practices.


FAM stands for FAMily. We are here for you and your FAMily, to build your intergenerational wealth.


We are majority employee owned – your success is well aligned with ours!


Our team has a long-standing and varied experience – this allows you to sleep well even in challenging environments.


We are happy to discuss your needs and look together for innovative solutions, leveraging technology and leading practices.

SFDR Disclosures

Investment Process – Article 3 Disclosure
Currently sustainability risks are not systematically included in the investment decision-making process because the compartments are investing a substantial part of their portfolio in other AIFs and undertakings for collective investments which are not under control of the AIFM or FAM. In addition, as complex ESG data, based on environmental, social or governance principle, is difficult to obtain, might be incomplete, estimated, outdated or otherwise inaccurate, adverse impact on investment decision on sustainability factors are not systematically considered.

Principal Adverse Impact Statement – Article 4 Disclosure
As of today, Fairway Asset Management AG does not consider principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors as defined under Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of 27 November 2019 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial sector (SFDR) due to a lack of available and reliable data.

Remuneration Statement – Article 5 Disclosure
The Company does not to encourage risk‐taking which is inconsistent with the risk profiles of the clients and of the Funds, including with respect to sustainability risks, being defined as environmental, social or governance events or conditions that, if they occur, could cause an actual or a potential material negative impact on the value of an investment.”

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