Asset Management for Private Clients


Our financial products and services are well suited for wealthy individuals who wish to preserve and grow their assets. Relying on our in-house managed investment strategies we allocate assets according to our clients’ returns expectations and risk appetites.

Investment Strategies


The FAM Growth strategy focuses on capital growth in line with equity markets. While approximately 80% of the assets are allocated to stocks and other equity securities, the remainder of the portfolio contains fixed income and cash-equivalent securities. This strategy has a bias to the US market and is suitable for investors with high tolerance to volatility. In line with our Investment Philosophy, this strategy has a long-term horizon. The strategy is available un-hedged or hedged in the following currencies: EUR, CHF, GBP and CAD.


The FAM Balanced strategy invests in a diversified, global portfolio with a balanced allocation to equities and bonds. The portfolio has a bias towards equities domiciled in the US. This strategy benefits from our long equity positioning, as well as selection Alpha, and it is measured against a synthetic balanced benchmark. Our target return is equal to cash plus 5% over the medium term in USD. The strategy is available un-hedged or hedged in the following currencies: EUR, CHF, GBP and CAD.


The FAM conservative strategy’s objective is capital protection. Approximately 80% of the portfolio is invested in bonds and fixed income securities, while the remainder of the portfolio contains stocks and equity securities. This strategy is suitable for investors with low tolerance to volatility and is offered in USD.


For institutional investors who are seeking customized solutions to cover their individual investment needs, our offering includes mandates that are tailored to specific structuring or regulatory requirements and can range from a single asset-class focus to a multi-asset class investment strategy across different currencies.

Investment Philosophy


We protect our clients’ wealth aiming at long-term investments (several months to years) with higher-than-average performance and lower-than-average risk. A clear and simple methodology and a strong, transparent and personal partnership with our investors enable us to achieve our goals.


We invest in a diversified, low-conviction portfolio with a focus on risk-adjusted returns and within geographies and sectors we understand. Continuously looking for the highest peaks, we are not using complex and costly products such as derivatives or structured products and offer full fee transparency. Our strategy’s risk weights are determined as a result of FAM’s Tactical Asset Allocation Committee, with an initial neutral risk exposure set by the Strategic Asset Allocation. Our clients participate in positive public market developments while limiting their downward impact.


Together with a Relationship Manager and the Portfolio Management Team the strategy is defined, implemented and monitored. Both our core mandates and bespoke mandates are offered un-hedged or hedged in the following currencies: EUR, CHF, GBP and CAD. They range from income-only to pure equities and illiquid investments according to our clients’ preferences.


Pursuing a proactive management style, we dynamically adapt to and take advantage of new market trends and themes. With an out-of-the-box mindset in Portfolio Management, we constantly aim at being a state-of-the-art investment boutique, while helping our clients to grow their investment expertise.


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