Venture Program

UniFirst Ventures fund is focusing on early-stage deep technology and hard-science start-ups. Our team’s experience in engineering and entrepreneurship allows us to operate with high conviction and maintain a concentrated portfolio. We are working closely with universities and other academic partners to identify founders with truly disruptive technologies. Our aim is to follow closely our partner companies and act as shadow co-founders, offering not only financial resources but also strategic support. By leveraging our network of VC and PE funds we also offer our portfolio companies access to an international network and capital markets. While we aim to remain geographically balanced, we strongly believe in a physical presence so we naturally gravitate towards European companies.

Early Stage

We believe best returns are found in the early stages.

Portfolio Support

We are active investors, supporting our founders along their journey.


We focus on the European ecosystem.

Select Opportunities

Our extensive network provides bespoke opportunities for our clients, across sectors, stages and geographies.

Portfolio Companies


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